Gilberto Duran Bishop

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I am currently finishing my undergraduate program in Genomic Sciences. I am a person that is very enthusiastic about doing science. I love learning new things of different fields to get a bigger aspect of the science I am doing. Although I am still young, I have demonstrated that with enough effort and love for what you do, everything is possible! Besides science, I am a very loyal person to the people I love. I also consider myself an easygoing person who loves to play sports, read books, and watch movies and series whenever I can!

Research Interests

My research interest at the STEMD laboratory at KAUST consists in dissecting the role of the histone demethylase KDM1B during early differentiation and in the pluripotency stage. For this, we employ various techniques of molecular biology, biochemistry, and newest methods like genome editing and Next Generation Sequencing methods along with the cell culture of one of the most complicated cells in the world!


  • Undergraduate Program in Genomic Sciences (2016-2020)

Professional Profile

2019/7 - 2020/8 Internship in epigenetics and developmental biology in the Stem Cells and Diseases Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Antonio Adamo. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

2017/5 - 2019/8 Research Assistant of Dr. Gladis Fragoso Gonzalez at the Biomedical Research Institute, Department of immunology and oncology. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

2016/8 - 2019/8 Internship in oncology and neurosciences in Biomedical Research Institute Under the supervision of Edda Sciutto Conde and Gladis Fragoso Gonzalez. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

2019/1 - 2019/7 Teacher assistant of Dr. Beatriz Limón. Linear Algebra Course in the Genomic Sciences Center. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexic.

2017/5 - 2017/8 Internship in Applied Bioinformatics in the laboratory of Dr. Juan Manuel Anzola Laos and in CORPOGEN, an associate private bioinformatical company. Universidad de Los Andes.

2014/1 - 2017/6 Internship in toxicology at the Biotechnological Institute under the supervision of Dr Alejandro Alagón Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

2016/7 - 2016/9 Attendance to a 4-week genetic-related course. York University.


2020/8 - 2022/8 Bourse d’exemption UdeM University of Montreal.

2018/10 - 2019/10 CONACYT- Research Scholarship -CONACYT.

2018/8 - 2019/8 La Salle Scholarship for Undergraduate Students in Biomedical Research Institute - De la Salle University, Mexico City.

2017/5 - 2017/8 Scholarship in Training in research methods - Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

2016/10 Distinction project in ExpoCiencias Morelos, Oral presentation. Undergraduate Level. Secretary of Innovation, Science and Technology of Morelos.

2016/7 - 2016/8 Scholarship to the Helix Summer Science Institute summer internship - York University.

2016/4 - 2018/4 Promoter student in Anglo Mexican University Center- Morelos Academy of Sciences (CUAM-AcMor) research congress.

2014/6 - 2016/6 Honor mention as Best student for obtaining the best GPA of the 2014-2016 academic years in Anglo Mexican University Center (CUAM).

KAUST Affiliations

Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering Division (BESE)

KAUST Environmental Epigenetics Program (KEEP)