Principal Investigator

Antonio Adamo

Assistant Professor, Biological and Environmental Sciences and Engineering Division

Research Scientists

Veronica Astro

Research Scientist

Research Interests: Stem Cells, Differentiation, Epigenetics, Genome Editing, Cell Biology

Postdoctoral Fellows

Elisabetta Fiacco

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD Students

Giovanni Colombo

Ph.D. student

Maryam Alowaysi

Ph.D. student

Masters Students

Yara Fadaili

MSc student

Dalal Al-Farhan

MSc student

Visiting Students

Gilberto Duran Bishop

Visiting Student

Veronica Puletti

Visiting Student

Support Staff

Qurbat Zahra

Research Assistant

Research Interests: Networking, IT. Human Computer Interface

Fatima Maksoud

Laboratory Assistant

Uzeyle Elcik

Research Assistant