• Elisabetta Fiacco, Maryam Alowaysi, Veronica Astro, Antonio Adamo,Generation of an iPSC cohort of isogenic iPSC lines (46-XY and 47-XXY) from a non-mosaic Klinefelter Syndrome patient (47-XXY) (KAUSTi008-A, KAUSTi008-B, KAUSTi008-C, KAUSTi008-D, KAUSTi008-E, KAUSTi008-F, KAUSTi008-G),Stem Cell Research,Volume 50,2021,102119,ISSN 1873-5061,


  • Maryam Alowaysi, Veronica Astro, Elisabetta Fiacco, Fatema Alzahrani, Fowzan S. Alkuraya, Antonio Adamo,

Generation of iPSC lines (KAUSTi011-A, KAUSTi011-B) from a Saudi patient with epileptic encephalopathy carrying homozygous mutation in the GLP1R gene,Stem Cell Research,Volume 50,2021,102148,ISSN 1873-5061,